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About Me

kimberly wynne

I created this website as a hobby over the Columbus Day 2011 weekend. I enjoy science, math, technology, and languages. This is my tutorials website. It is a forever-work-in-progress because I will always be continuously adding to it. I graduated FSU with a Bachelors in physics and a few years of experience in computer programming. My mission for this website is to be as useful w3schools, the tutorials website. I aim to keep things as simple as possible so that people can use this site as a reference sheet as well as a set of tutorials. I like the Try-It-Yourself editor on w3schools; I believe it is the ideal way to learn any type of language. Having a simple tutorials website with a try-it-yourself editor is what I ultimately aim for here.

Over time, this website will advance to cover more languages and anything else that catches my eye.

Contact me

Please CLICK HERE to contact me.

Social Networking

I'm involved with 3 groups, and of course Linkedin

  1. Society of Women Engineers - I go to their monthly professional development meetings, help organize the casual brunches,
  2. Girl Develop It - I go to their monthly Code N Coffee and have taken a couple classes, including AngularJS
  3. Women's Coding Collective - I've taken several classes, including jQuery and PHP
  4. My profile on Linkedin - a social network for professionals