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Microsoft Office 2007

Let's face it. MS Office is made to be user-friendly, so most of it is rather self-explanatory. But there are still some things you probably didn't know that you didn't know. Here are some tricks that are both unusual and useful. They are neither too intuitive nor too obscure

In, you can create an updatable table of contents

In Excel, we all know the basic fuctions such as SUM(), AVERAGE(), and MAX(). Here's the format for the conditional IF() function:

=if(B1 > B2, "Gas is more expensive", "Milk is more expensive")

In Excel, here are several ways to reference a cell from another Sheet


In Excel, merge several cells into one

In Excel, use conditional formatting

In Excel, use the dollar sign "$" in your formulas to "fix" a cell so that it doesn't copy over. Examples:

=$A1 will only fix the column of this cell (A)
=A$1 will only fix the row of this cell (1)
=$A$1 will fix both column and row of this cell (A1)

In Powerpoint, tap F5 to view the presentation and Esc to exit

In Powerpoint, add your logo to the background of their template by clicking View and Slide Master

In Powerpoint, set up the slide show (for example, loop back to 1st slide after last slide finishes)