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  1. Installation
  2. Groovy tools
  3. IDE support
  4. POGOs - Plain Old Groovy Objects
  5. Dynamic Typing
  6. Strings, collections, Lists
  7. Groovy Truth - Everything is 1 until proven 0
  8. Groovy Operators
  9. Groovy closures, interface coercion, delegates, builders, Metaclasses, MOP, method dispatch, regular expressions, testing
  10. Groovy using AST annotations, writing AST transofrmations, DSLs, import customizers, GroovyClassLoader
  11. Intro to Grails: installation, convention over configuration, CRUD, scaffolding, artifacts, dependency injection, testing
  12. Domain Classes, GORM, Hibernate, NoSQL, validation
  13. Controllers
  14. GSPs, taglibs, filters
  15. URL mapping
  16. internationalization
  17. Services, transactions, dependency injection, separation of concerns
  18. The role of the Spring Framework in Grails
  19. Advanced configuration, application deployment, the Cloud, continuous integration
  20. Plugins; using creating, releasing, testing
  21. Ajax, rich clients, REST, remoting, web services
  22. Security
  23. Caching, security, performance, scaling, functional testing
  24. Parsing XML (XmlParser and XmlSlurper)
  25. Email
  26. Get Request, Response, and Servlet Context objects in Services
  27. How to run on a custom port (besides 8080)
  28. Unmarshaller