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Assignment Operator

  variable = expression
Note that the right side can be an expression (i.e. a computation involving values, variables, operators, etc), which can be evaluated down to a single value. The left side must be a storage location (i.e. a variable).
  // Valid assignment examples
  x = 5;
  y = 2.34;
  option = 'X';
  x = a*(3/y)+z;

  3 = x;	  // ILEEGAL.  (backwards)
  a + 2 = b;	  // ILLEGAL.  Not a variable on the left
The assignment operator's associativity is right to left:
  a = b = c = d = 5;
In the above statement, the operation d = 5 executes first, and the value of the assignment (5) is returned, to be used as the operand for the next assignment operator.

Shortcut Operators

  v += e;    means    v = v + e; 
  v -= e;    means    v = v - e; 
  v *= e;    means    v = v * e; 
  v /= e;    means    v = v / e; 
  v %= e;    means    v = v % e;