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Basic Console Output

Basic console output in Java uses the built-in object System.out. Primary output methods:
// Example of print and println methods

public class Example1

  public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.print("Five... ");
    System.out.print("Four... ");
    System.out.print("Three... ");
    System.out.print("Two... ");
    System.out.print("One... ");

    System.out.println("Blastoff!");	// ends first output line
    System.out.println("Houston, we've spotted an alien.");

    System.out.println("\n\tLock missiles and fire");
    System.out.println("\nRoger, Houston...");

In calls to print and println, multiple items can be printed in a single call through the use of the + operator, which represents string concatenation when at least one of its operands is a string. (If both operands are numeric items, the + operator is addition).