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What is Java?

1st thing you need to do is enable Java on your browser.

2nd thing: JavaScript and Java are two totally different languages. Javascript is more in the area of HTML/CSS. Java is more like C++. Java shouldn't be used inline with HTML. On the other hand, JavaScript is used exclusively for web design and is often inline with HTML.

History of Java

Java is a programming language for developing applications that make the web more fun and useful. You are most likely using java when you play online games, chat online, use virtual tours, do online banking, online training, or interactive maps. Java evolved from C++. In the early 90's it was originally used for programming in intelligent consumer-electronic devices (internal chips, etc). James Gosling initially named it Oak, after a tree that stood outside his office. But he changed the name when he realized there was already a language called Oak.

When the Web took off in the early '90s, people needed dynamic content in their web pages, so Java gained popularity. Java's large set of pre-built packages makes it a popular choice for software developers.

To make sure Java runs perfectly, remove older versions of Java from your computer. Java updates have only recently started to automate the removal of older versions (as of Java 7). Unless Java 7 was the 1st instance of Java on your computer, you should manually remove older versions of Java in the Control Panel. They can get infected, which will compromise the security of the computer.

Example program in Java

/* This is a 
    big long comment 
     that can 
      take up 
        multiple lines */

// This is an in-line comment

public class ExampleJavaProgram
	public static void main(String[] args) 
		// declare an identifier of type "int" and name it "sum"
		int sum;        

		// assign "sum" an expression
		sum = 6 + 7;	

		// print output to screen "The sum is 13"    
		System.out.println("The sum is" + sum); 

Some Important Java Tools