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General Physics

Problem 1

According to Bose-Einstein statistics, there exists a Bose condensate for collections of bosons. What does this mean?

Solution 1

The Bose condensation phenomenon occurs for low temperatures T less than a critical temperature TC where all particles reside in the lowest state. For T < TC (critical temp.), all particles reside in the ground state

Problem 2

The lifetime for the 2p → 1s transition in hydrogen is 1.6E-9 s. How many hertz is the natural line width for the radiation emitted during the transition?

Solution 2

Problem 3

In the diamond structure of elemental carbon, the nearest neighbors of each C atom lie at the corners of a

  1. hexagon
  2. square
  3. octahedron
  4. tetrahedron
  5. cube

Solution 3


Problem 4


Solution 4


Problem 5


Solution 5