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Particle and Nuclear Physics

Problem 1

True statements about the absorption and emission of energy by an atom include which of the following?
  1. An atom can only absorb photos of light that have certain specific energies
  2. An atom can emit photons of light of any energy
  3. At low temperature, the lines in the absorption spectrum of an atom coincide with the lines in its emission spectrum that represent transitions to the ground state

Solution 1


Problem 2

A muon can be considered to be a heavy electron with a mass mμ = 207me. Imagine replacing the electron in a hydrogen atom with a muon. What are the energy levels En for this new form of hydrogen in terms of the binding energy of ordinary hydrogen E0 the mass of the proton mP and the principal quantum number n?

Solution 2


Problem 3

In the Compton effect, a photon with energy E scatters through a 90° angle from a stationary electron of mass m. What is the energy of the scattered photon (use E, m, and/or c in your answer)?

Solution 3


Problem 4

Which of the following is the principal decay mode of the positive muon μ+?
  1. μ+ → p + vμ
  2. μ+ → π+ + ve + vμ
  3. μ+ → n + e+ + ve
  4. μ+ → e+ + ve
  5. μ+ → e+ + ve + vμ

Solution 4