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A bristlebot is a toothbrush robot. It represents the bare minimum that every robot should have:

What does it do? They're toys. The bristles vibrate and the whole thing moves across a flat surface, sometimes in circles. If you tip that surface, you can race 2 or more of them in the same direction to engineer the fastest one.

I built a few of them outside a FIRST Robotics competition:

Basic Bristebot

How do you built it? Easy. A motor comes with a positive wire and a negative wire. Put the motor and battery on top of the brush, side-by-side. Stick one wire on one side of the battery. Then the other wire must touch the opposite side. That's it. This transfer of electrons turns into kinetic energy; the motor will start moving. To stop it from moving, unattach a wire from the battery.

How to make a Bristebot
Basic Bristlebot - they tend to be faster if you cut off the bristles at the front
Long Bristebot
Long Bristlebot
Four legged Bristlebot
Four-Legged Bristlebot